The true secret of weight loss is mindset, behaviour, and habits.




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All Diets Work 

For a quarter-century, the US-based National Weight Control Registry has tracked volunteers who successfully dropped 30 pounds or more and kept it off for at least a year. Truthfully, they were looking for “the formula.”

They didn’t find it. At least, not in the form they expected.

The Registry expected to find a diet procedure that outperformed the others.

But after carefully noting the successes of the low fat/ sugar/ carb/protein / or vegetarian diets; after tallying the pounds lost with Atkins ™, Weight Watchers ™, Sugar Busters ™, Jenny Craig ™, Nutri-System ™, South Beach ™, or Mayo Clinic ™, what they found was astounding!

So, is that the key? Following the diet exactly?


Not really. That’s the procedure. That’s what one does to achieve the desired outcome.

And following the diet is a rough prescription for many of us. We can’t do it. And then we feel that failure again.

But, Some People Succeed

Some people, stick to the diet and drop those excess pounds. Most can’t stick to the diet. 

Today’s weight loss champions are yesterday’s failed dieters.

Well, the key to weight loss doesn’t hinge on willpower. It’s even easier.

The true secret of weight loss is mindset, behaviour, and habits.

It’s Your Turn

Are you ready to discover the inside track to sustained weight loss? Are you ready to finally have:  

  • Energy 
  • Passion for life
  • Waistline you are proud of 
  • Stop Yo-Yo dieting 

And most importantly, are you ready to keep that weight off for good?

It’s not the diet you chose that leads to weight loss success. It’s the way you chose to think about your life.

I understand you’re frustrated, and irritated, and even discouraged. But let me repeat the obvious: Today’s weight loss champions are yesterday’s failed dieters.


– John Cassidy-Rice Master Trainer 

People who are naturally thin just do not understand what it’s like being overweight. They don’t know what it’s like not finding the clothes you like in your size. And if they lose ten pounds they look great! If we lose ten pounds no one notices.


– John Cassidy-Rice

Oh, it’s easy to blame biology (“I come from a whole family of large people.”) or fate (“I’ve tried everything to lose weight. Nothing works for me.”). But it’s even easier to simply adjust one’s thinking.


– John Cassidy-Rice 

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